Thursday, January 20, 2011

BUY: Sofa Portraits by Colin Pantall

Sofa Portraits by Colin Pantall / cover

One of my favorite projects over the past few years has been Sofa Portraits by Colin Pantall. In an intro to the work on his site statement, Colin writes:

Sofa Portraits is a series of images showing my daughter, Isabel, as she watches television.
These portraits portray the flawed physicality of childhood and its mental and physical freedoms - but also the constraints that are applied by the adult world - the furnishings Isabel is so often pushing against, the dress determined by the educational system she is now part of, or even the attitudes to her physical self-expression as she watches television.

Sofa Portraits is now available in bookform - 42 pages, 29 pictures, measuring 30cm x 21cm, in an edition of 60.

Again, in his words:

It's handmade with a Japanese stab-stitched hardcover binding. I was looking for a cover that matched the sofa in the picture. I couldn't find one, but worked out with normal bookcloth the time limitations, imperfections and design flaws of a handmade book more than matched the dilapidated state I was trying to recreate. It's not perfect in other words.

If you would like a copy, they are £60 - made payable to at paypal. Postage and packing is included in that.

There has been a big buzz about this series since it was first made public. This book seems to take the project on some new tangents, as books often do. I'm eager to see where it takes us. Drop him a note and buy this book.

Sofa Portraits / interior page

Sofa Portraits / interior page

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