Friday, January 14, 2011

I Love My Life

On the farm the studio yesterday...oh, looks like we have alot to do....huh?

SZ, Eric Haines, Matt Stevens, Shannon Amos, Veronica Sjoen, Mark Rutherford, and Micah Bishop...Adam Moore and producer Mark Hofmann, off set. This shoot was not a piece of cake, lots of stuff to navigate thru and decisions to make. But what a creative and generous team I have...I really think you can see it in the photograph. And as we know, photographs never lie.

Lots of requests for the ECHO invites, really from all over the world! It feels like the Mail Art movement I was into when I got out of college again. So don't be shy, send me your addy...


B said...

Hey, sorry I'm so dense. What's the deal with the "invites"? I'll be checking out the exhibit soon, and it would be nice to have a little souvenir, but I can't figure out if it's something I'll be able to grab in person. Like I said, I don't always get it. Looking forward to seeing the work.

Timothy Archibald said...

Hey B-
Just scroll down a bit and you will see the special one time only offer of a free elegantly printed ECHOLILIA invitation for all the followers of this lovely blog. Ha.

B said...

I visited the exhibit today, so I picked up one of the cards which looks like the same thing... no need to mail one :)

It looks great, they did a good job of lighting it -- I've seen so many installations that are just horribly lighted, so you're fortunate in that regard. It was definitely cool to see the prints up close. I've been following from about halfway through the project I reckon, so it's a treat.

Hope plenty of people get to see it. I have more thoughts but not sure if you want to hear them or if this is the right forum for that...

Very glad I got to check it out. Good luck in everything!

Timothy Archibald said...

Thanks B-
So glad you got to see the show.
I'm going with Eli in Feb...and there will be possibly a reception, so I'll let you know.
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