Saturday, February 6, 2010

How Fun Is It To Show Old Work?

Well...its not. But I do take advantage of every opportunity I get. One thing can lead to another and another and its interesting to get work in front of a new audience...this time a new culture.
But it lacks that feeling of " a test". Showing new that has the feeling of " a test".

On my to do list this week is a bunch of stuff, but I'm looking forward to making a big print of "Screen Door + Nest " for GiveItUpForLoni, a fundraiser/art show put together by Erik Almas in his SF home. I want a print for me...and I want a print for the I'm gonna find a hole this weekend to get out an print it.

This weekend we ( my kids and I ) were preparing 40 x 40 prints for the trip to Hong Kong for the exhibition curated by Isaac Leung at Videotage, and I snapped a shot before they shipped. Here's a list of the artists:

Johannes Grenzfurthner (Austria)
Kyle Machulis (US)
Paul Granjon (UK)
Shulea Cheang (France)
Katrien Jacobs (China)
Ellen Pau (China)
Timothy Archibald (US)
OhMyBod (US)

More on that show when it opens in the spring...

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