Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love, And Then There Is Valentine's Day Too.

New Futon, 1998
My reps are crafting some promotional campaign for the upcoming holiday and asked their photographers to dig into their archives and find some images on the theme of Love. Yikes. Pretty big topic there, and a hard one to do well. Like in music and movies, this Love thing is so complex and hard to define it is usually trivialized, simplified, and dumbed down because it's just easier to deal with in that form. That idea of "silly love songs" is right on. Here is this thing that is multi leveled, infinitely complex, and as easy to grasp as the birth of the universe, but people need to talk about it, so it's gotta be put into some simpler package or really we'll never get anywhere. Ha...are ya'all with me? See what I mean?
I sent them these two images with this note of explanation:
I think the picture of the heart is about Valentine's day. I think the picture of the extension cords is about Love. cords is about Love.

But then I gave them a third option, an out-take from the project Sex Machines, which is what I think we'll end up using. More on the entire Tidepool series in the days ahead.

Kid In Alley With Heart, 2000

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Darrell Eager said...

extension cords is about Love. What a great shot!