Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Screen Door + Nest 2009

Just got a bunch of images back from SF retoucher Laura Johnston that we were working on for the American Photography and PDN contests. She really brought out the summer muggy feeling of Screen Door + Nest 2009, this image I put together as the summer wound down to a close.


Susana said...

your reason for doing prints vs. digital? the AP's digital parameters (1000 pixels) certainly doesn't do any photos any favors . . . but when time is of the essence, I think you are right to enter prints, just wanted to hear your articulate.

Timothy Archibald said...

Hi Susana-

Actually, when I went to the printer it was for a variety of things and didn't directly relate to the contest season.

As recently as 2007 I would enter prints in all of these contests: pdn, CA, and American Photography.
One year I was looking at the judges...I think it was for PDN, and I realized all these people would never be in a room together, and started to think you were hurting yourself by entering prints. Right now, my understanding is that AP and PDN are all judged online, dudes and chicks zipping thru jpgs. Totally lame but it is what it is. CA still looks at printed matter, or so it seems.
So...really I think the only contest worth making prints for is CA.
What are your thoughts on this?

Susana said...

i agree. And I know I've asked and some of these contests discourage prints. But I for one, believe that prints look better than 1000 pixels wide on the screen. For this reason, we did not enter some images in AP because they were diptychs and simply did not translate. Photo Annual had a better view size of like 2500 pixels. I hope that AP will change their modus operandi in the future. I know that if I was judging my bias would be towards a good print if it was between two otherwise comprable images. That said, some images will probably look better on the screen, just hopefully not mine. That is my favorite image from your series thus far btw

Timothy Archibald said...

Ahh...the only winners in these contests are those who are holding them...but still I enter.

Why do you like that shot? My new reps are into pushing in into the commercial arena and such and I'm still gunshy but following thru.

It is closer to a keith carter than a snuff film, but I dunno.

Susana said...

yeah, that is a decision only you can make. What I like is the scalloped framing created by the door and the tactileness (is this a word?) of the screen and his face pressed against it and then paired with the idea of nest which is quite metaphorical for childhood.

good luck with the contests!

Laura J said...

Thanks for the mention and good luck in the contests!