Thursday, February 4, 2010

This Is How It's Done

TB created a challenging new series of still life photographs and needed a name for the series.
The history of photography is filled with great titles: " The Ballad Of Sexual Dependency" by Nan Goldin, "The Pleasures And Terrors Of Levitation" by Aaron Siskind, " The Last Resort " by Martin Parr. With me, I always thought the best part of the series on my relationship with my son was the title which came from my wife : "Echolilia".
The other night over dinner 5 children ranging from 2-9 were throwing out the titles to his series: Meat Flowers! Garden of Meat! The Butcher Of Barrows Road! Floral Carne! I snapped a pic with my phone to document the moment.
This is how it's done. Everybody's got an opinion. See the series and more HERE.


Anonymous said...

Wow!That stuff looks great!

Robert Holmgren said...

Strange Meat...oh wait--

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