Thursday, February 4, 2010

Curve Ball

We launched this email campaign yesterday, kicking off the year with a photograph of myself sent to 6000 or so creatives around the country. I don't think I even took the may have been with a self timer or one of the crew snapped it. Snapshots from the shoot are the thing in this Facebook hungry time we are in, and Sz and I and Shannon always shoot lots of images of each other, photo nerds that we all are. So here we are, promoting TA with a picture of TA. It was an idea that went thru the entire arc: I originally laughed at...then I thought about it...and then I actually got excited by it.
Tidepool Reps is now Brooke Embry and Kate Chase, and consultant Diane Eames is working with us as well. Lots of new ideas, lots of curve balls coming at us and from us and this feels like the first one.


Stan Kaady said...

Nothing witty to say. I like the straight up idea and simple design, though. Never would have considered doing a shot like this as a promo, but it works.

Laura J said...

please put me on your 'spam' list!

Rob Prideaux said...

I like that promo.