Thursday, December 10, 2009

Schenectady N.Y. / Rotterdam N.Y.



Anonymous said...

That Polaroid displays just the right amount of chemical creaminess. Rainbows, droopy mustaches and floppy shirts with out of control collars were big in the 70s. Must've been the result of a Saturday Night Fever fantasy. And with a name like Sal you know his Jersey Boy was showing. Today Sal is putting in for Social Security, his knees are shot from cutting hair all day and partying all night. And another thing, Sal's tan skull hasn't needed a barber in years.

Thatcher Keats said...

Are you in the Capital District w/ an SX70?

Timothy Archibald said...

Yep...its just me, no wife or kids, with an sx 70, a six pack, some pain killaz, roaming the land from which I cometh.

This is how I am spending my Guggenheim money...before I even get it.

JK...nope, just walking down memory lane. I'm in SF. You'd know, don't worry.