Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Heather Morton of popular blog HMAb has always seemed to be curious about my work and of course I appreciate the attention.

In a post titled Taboos in 2008, HM first discussed the pros and cons of Echolilia and it really made me think. The project was at an early stage, the tone was really just forming. This quote from her stuck in my head:

I think there is something voyeuristic about the work without a doubt. We are seeing very private moments laid bare. I see an obsession here and maybe more so in Timothy’s case a reluctant and volatile partnership between him and his son.

I read that and I kinda felt a mix of emotions. A little guilty and a little psyched. I liked the idea that relationships can be complex, and I thought she was seeing it that way.

Today in The Lounge she opens a dialogue with Echolilia and the intimate photographs of Daniel Peet.

"Evidence" by Daniel Peet

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