Thursday, December 3, 2009

Note The Boom Microphone

AAU Crew, 12/2/09

Let's see. I thought I had a "crew". Here in my 2 car garage office we have 3 cameramen, a sound guy, a director and photographer Jason Langer. And outside in the driveway we got the Academy of Art University van complete with a 1 800 phone number in case you gotta call urgently for an art education or something? 1 800 544 ARTS?

But of course these guys were super to work with. Got to talk about the trying to get the Sex Machines book deal and got to show Echolilia prints. J.L. did the asking and I did the anwering. Also got to view Jason's current project which was great to see as well. Good dialogue with an interesting artist and the sun was shining and then there were bagels...I think it was a good day.
The AAU Crew Van
Jason Langer 12/2/09

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