Friday, December 11, 2009

Jeff Lansing / Schenectady

I lived in Rotterdam N.Y. which was on top of what we called Broadway Hill.
Schenectady N.Y. was the city, and it existed on the bottom of the Hill. Rotterdam held the suburbs and the supermarkets. Schenectady held all of the secrets, the real life, the things I only glimpsed from the car windows when I was growing up. As a young student of photography, riding my bike into downtown Schenectady was like entering every Dorthea Lange photograph, every Walker Evans photograph...the entire Farm Security Administration project could have been photographed there...or so I thought. It was a wonderful place to learn how to photograph.
The other day photographer Jeff Lansing shares his images with me via the blog. And here it is, directly downloaded from my brain: Schenectady N.Y. in the 1970's, photographed by a photographer with a true appreciation and inner sense of this place. It's as if I found this photographer and asked him to interpret my memories of this town. And here are these memories handed to me in silver prints in the photographs of Lansing.
I've tried to thank him for sending the link to his work and haven't been able to reach I respectfully hope it is ok with him to share his work in this manner.

See more of his work HERE

all photographs copyright Jeff Lansing


Anonymous said...

Wow - you do have a way with words.

Robin said...

I can't get over these pictures - they are awesome.

dh said...

i went to school in schenectady in the early 70's, where i was a budding photog at the time. (and i've spent the intervening 35 years freelancing and somehow surviving!) i, too, walked down those mean streets, but with much less of a coherent vision than mr. lansing. how i could have learned from him back then.

although none of Lansing's photos look familiar to me - i also visited his site -- they all evoke the time and place perfectly; he was dead on. i'm going to have to find my negs from college now...

thanks for posting this and the interview.

Timothy Archibald said...

dh- who are you? tell!