Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Babysitter

The Thanksgiving extended weekend is always a hard one, and this year was nothing different: it gets dark early, kinda looks like nuclear winter outside, no school for the kids or work to hide from. This year my wife is sick and I feel like I just am absorbing the children. Not enjoying them. Not sharing time with them. Just absorbing their energy , keeping them out of the house and counting down the hours until we can shut them down for the night. A bright spot on Saturday when we get word from our babysitter May Garson. She can take the kids, we can escape and try to relate and solve the problems of contemporary everything. A hike in Northern California when the sun is low and it is still warm outside can help you see so many things clearly. Revelations! They came! Gotta write this stuff down so we remember in the morning!
After bidding goodbye to the babysitter, I saw that she left these two drawings of our kids taped to the wall. Her interpretation of Eli ( subject of Echolilia ) and Wilson were so right on I didn't know what to say. She grabbed a design on Eli's shirt and allowed it to be a metaphor for his inner state and Wilson's colorful imp-ish qualities are captured perfectly.

all art copyright May Garson, 2008


colin pantall said...

I love them, but they do look a bit more than the random doodles you suggest they are.

Timothy Archibald said...

Hi Colin-
I'm sorry....I misunderstood: they do look like more than random doodles or they do not look more like random doodles? I may be biased. Please clarify.

Anonymous said...

They look much more than random dooddles. You're right to be biased.