Friday, November 14, 2008

American Photography Party in NYC

American Photography 24, the annual juried anthology had their party last night. Nah...I couldn't go...I had to take my kids out to a picnic in the redwoods of Marin while my wife went to Thursday night meditation class. Good bud Jonathan Saunders snapped an i phone shot while in attendance and sent it to me in real as I'm in the redwoods I get the shot and it's almost like I am there! Well...not exactly. Blue Nailpolish, 2007, an early image from Echolilia made it into the book and up on the walls of the show. See all the work from American Photography 24 HERE.


Aly Su said...

our photos are next to each other!

I am caroline lee's friend Aly su.....we met once at her BBQ.

Timothy Archibald said...

hey aly-

of course i remember you...

oh, that is you, the figure on the bed to the right of my shot? the is great! congrats!