Monday, June 30, 2008

Commercial break

This is the photograph we were working on HERE.
The original idea was to create two photographs: one of a man in a capsule, the other of a man emerging out of a capsule. Photo Editor Brenda Milis, Creative Director Joe Heroun and myself all liked the evolution of the above image...but the "emerging" concept...well....none of us liked it at all. Rather than pretend it was all ok, pretend that it all worked out, we all just admitted that this 2nd concept just could not come together. Did I blow it? Maybe. Was the 2nd concept flawed? Maybe that too. Was this commercial suicide? I dunno...but I don't think so.
In hindsight, if I had done more of these complex photo illustrations, I think I would have been able to foresee the potential minefields in a concept or idea and been able to steer the project away from them. With portraits, I do that all the time. With this new concept heavy work...I'm still learning. But the process, the learning, and the working out of a complex idea with people who are on it...I totally find exciting.

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