Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer of Blog

Big lull in photo blogging the past few weeks, though I'm referring to my fav blogs, not really my own dormant blog. I'll try harder this week....hope I don't have to pay someone to do this....
Spent the last weeks escaping into 120 degree desert weather, shooting author Timothy Ferriss in the city and the redwoods, shooting author/genius/texan/brit Sam Gosling in a rented Tales of The City-esque SF home, celebrating my birthday and putting new stuff on my website.
With the fast pace real time adventures of blogging, the website is actually seeming kind of old fashioned and dated, antiquated, a dinosaur. Its all about the blog these days. But anyhow I'm trying to pay attention to it. See The Literate, 3 shots from a recent editorial shoot that I was psyched about when I shot them, but was later told by a photo friend that " it looks like a catalogue. I mean a good catalogue... " and I really couldn't disagree with her or shake that thought. And then, despite public and private urgings not to do so, I created a gallery for the project that I've been working on with this blog " Echolilia: Weird Pictures of My Kid". Why? I guess I wanted my site to reflect my life: I love the commercial stuff but I have this other project I love as well. we go...


Anonymous said...

Just looked up your title to see what you were talking about. Very interesting relationship of the title to the images. Copying language, copying on a scanner. Using copying to relate to the world. The photographs as a copy of your relationship with Eli. Seen in one way but showing the images in another- telling your story by way of showing him. Great title!

-as an aside I don't know if I agree that the images should be shown with your other work on your website. No reason at all to hide them but building in more separation to the personal work on the site (even with a little graphic design- extra square of separation on the homepage, floating square?? ) might make these unique images both more pointed as a project and more powerful?

Timothy Archibald said...

Hi Emily-
Glad you like and got it all...and you interpretted new things in there as well. Need a theasaurus if you wanna understand the work!

I also liked the idea that the word was really just beautiful and pretty sounding, even if you didn't know what it meant.

I agree I don't know if the commercial site is the best place to show the might need to be a separate site. Even now, on the commercial site, I am steering away from nudity and kids with bags over their heads, heads in garbage cans, a bunch of other compromises. The edit is evolving, and I want titles on these as well.
Stay tuned.