Sunday, June 29, 2008

Interview With Myself, Part 3

Q: So, "Echolilia" is the name of your project, huh? Whats the deal with the name? Are we supposed to look it up?
TA: Oh, I never really looked it up in the dictionary, but I think it means copying, repeating something verbatim, echo-ing. The idea of repeating something, doing it again, looking at something again. But not in a science-y way, like a clone, but in an organic way, with close similarities.
Q: Why did you call it that?
TA: Oh, I like the idea of all the copying I'm doing in all the materials I'm scanning. I guess having a kid is kind of giving you a chance to duplicate and see things again as well. But with the scans, I thought that act echo-ed the repetitions that I see my son go thru on any given day, the rituals. It's like we are scanning the stuff: the notes, the body parts, the pills, to find a clue, solve a puzzle, find some hints to help us figure it out.
Q: What exactly is it that you are trying to figure out?
TA: Oh...that is the thing. I just don't know.


Anonymous said...

EchoVisum Preteritus (my latin is a little rusty) might be more appropriate, but maybe, in this case, if you listen real close you can see the past.

simon anstey said...

hi Timothy,
The more I see of these images the more I think of the Danish artist Michael Kviumøg+i+billeder

why? who knows?