Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Who Is?

Who is Bitter Photographer?

Did he really force a popular photo blogger to shut down his blog?

PDN looks into this fly in the industry ointment HERE, but never really tells us who he is...


Anonymous said...

Who cares? Sounds like yet another bitter photographer who gets a kick out of "speaking THE truth" (yeah, from their own point of view). Ok - these kinds of people exist, these kinds of comments exist, they can be very helpful and important, they can be humbling, but they can also be quite damaging. A Super-Critic? One who likes people to think he is really a super critic?

Frankly a lot of his stuff in really first-degree, more about being mean and doing his own shameless self promotion than being constructive in any way. This is typical of bitter people so no surprises there. Frankly I feel I'm serving his purpose just by posting this- I know this guy and I don't have much time for him.

Timothy Archibald said...

Wow, do you know Bitter Photographer or do you just know someone like him?

Charles said...

Yes ;-)

I'd love to say I knew him, or even better just to let a little doubt flying over the whole question, but I just know a number of bitter photographers- you know the ones that just can't seem to stand the idea that other people have ideas, energy, or just believe somewhat naïvely that they know where they are going and why.

btw, I wonder about this guys answer to the "Why Anonymous" question:

Why Anonymous?

Bitter photographer felt like he needed a forum to vent about the photo industry. He is anonymous in order to be able to tell the truth about what he sees without being viewed as a bigger a-hole than he already is.

Posted by Bitter Photographer at 10:37 AM 3 comments