Sunday, November 11, 2007

And Then Tonite, Reworked


max s. gerber said...

actually, yeah, that's working for me. i like the hair in the envelope, but obviously there are some weird hygiene issues going on it your house. remind me to send you a hairnet if i ever go over there for dinner.

Timothy Archibald said...

Hi Max-
You know, this is the first kind of sentence I've been messing with that I got excited about, but still am wondering if this big string of photographs is needed.

Whats going on here is, left to right:
sign made by son eli for his bedroom door.
eli wearing scary eyes and school uniform.
envelope a friend gave me as a gift.
envelope containing my son Wilson's hair, after he and his brother found sciccors and began cutting it. I found the hair, but it in an envelope, and later scanned it.

max s. gerber said...

ha! that's funny. i like that. it kind of reminds me of an old gameshow where contestants had to make sentences/phrases out of a series of symbols. i guess for me context really matters.

i like the hair better now. as someone who has an older brother i can totally picture this scenario going down. my brother never tried cutting my hair, but he did once duct tape me to my desk chair, roll it to the edge of the stairs and leave me there. to be fair, though, he once also did prevent me from flying away into the air as a little kid - i was holding on to a giant beach umbrella and a big gust of wind came. i started to fly off and my brother grabbed my ankle. so maybe in addition to personal grooming/torture, eli will be of future positive assistance to wilson.

by Cade Overton said...
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