Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I love nothing more than solving the issues of contemporary photography with those in Blogsakstan, such as we did HERE and HERE. But...gotta have a commercial interuption, I gotta remember this is a job too, right?

We all had a super time with artist Rodney White and art buyer Jasmine Batista of BBDO NY on the M&M campaign we put together out here in SF. It was the first days of November but it felt like indian summer....the weather was just magical. One day we enjoyed the sun on the other-worldly football field of San Mateo College, the next day we were locked in the studio darkness...but made the best of it for sure.


ThomasBroening said...

cockrock city!

Timothy Archibald said...

Ok, ok, ok...allow me this. It's not only about art y'know.