Saturday, November 24, 2012

When You Hit Rock Bottom, Please Remember Your Camera.

Well that was a truly terrible week.

Already the end of the week and it was only Wednesday. And here we are staring at the holiday hitting us in 24 hours. Please.

I met a friend at a bar, as cliched as that sounds. I hate beer. I hate bars. I like none of these things, but I am lonely and bored. I meet my friend and he is not doing better than I. He needs a project, he needs inspiration. Usually I enjoy being in that role, but today I've got nothing to give.

Happy Hour. A beer arrives. I don't even want this. Oh, I'll try it.

I balance the camera phone on the top of the glass and push the button. That's really all that is left to photography anyhow. Why not ? Who's to say no?

First image looked like an amniocentesis. The second image, with an app that makes circular images, looked like a solar eclipse shot through a telescope. I like them. At least for now...and the rest of Happy Hour.

What more could I ask? The history of the first Drinkograph started today.

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