Friday, November 9, 2012

Lost Image , New Again , Kripke

Recent conversations with Tidepool have led us to search for a kind of redefinition of what it means to hire Timothy Archibald. Lots of ideas on the table, but there is a specific kind of image we are starting to focus on.

I ran this idea past photographer Jamie Kripke the other day, spelling it out. He was silent. Then he asked politely:

Ok, then what happens? You introduce everyone to the New Timothy Archibald, 2013?

I certainly didn't like the sound of that. I quickly responded with :

Oh, well more like introducing them to Newly Evolved Timothy Archibald. It's not new and different, its more what I'm evolving into.

Kripke wasn't forthcoming. I interpreted his silence as enthusiastic support.


Going thru my files I came across this image from last year that never really saw the light of day...I don't think. Or it never made it into print. Originally shot for Scientific American, it's always had some intangible magic to me.

What are we trying to create? Oh, that's easy. We want to bridge the commercial work and the personal work and still play in the commercial marketplace. to do that? Well, that's what we are trying to find out. Stay tuned.

Reworked with a beautiful action courtesey of The Color Shop.

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