Sunday, November 25, 2012

What Are You Thankful For?

Marnie McGee
Thanksgiving hit the day after we discovered The Drinkograph.

I couldn't think of a better arts-and-crafty type of assignment to toss out to Facebook friends to see what people came up with. The lazy hours of Thanksgiving need some focus, and sometimes these little directions flow nicely on this holiday.

After proposing this idea, I was brought back to reality by a friend who pointed out that this assignment has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. It wasn't family, it wasn't was hinting at all sorts of things, all of them depressing.

Oh, she's right. It is. It has no holiday hook at all. But it's too late, I've already proposed it.

When the first image showed up, I started to feel the goodness, flowing generously from the cornucopia of the Internet to my FB wall. The pilgrims didn't have the internet, they didn't have iPhone. Instagram was years away. But there was a little bit of Thanksgiving spirit here, a little bit of creating and sharing, that seemed to feel like the holiday.

Great photographs by Marnie McGee, Callie Mitchell, Amy Silverman, Darrel Eager, Legendary Brad Trent,  Erich Valo, Jackie Alpers, Shannon Amos and Jill Tordsen McCall, Darcy Dowling, Sasha Eakle Sanchez, and Sarah Matozzi with a Matozzi Sisters collaboration. Callie Mitchell got the popular vote, essentially "winning" this venture, though Marnie McGee really rose the bar and kicked things off fearlessly with enthusiasm. Can't look at those clocks without channelling Salvador Dali....

Enjoy the spirit here.

Callie Mitchell

Amy Silverman
Darrel Eager

Erich Valo

Jackie Alpers

Shannon Amos and Jill Tordsen McCall

Darcy Dowling

Sasha Eakle Sanchez

Sarah Matozzi and the Matozzi Sisters

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Marnie said...

Thanks to your holiday call to action, its only a matter of time before the Drinkograph is pervasive on all days. I look forward to taking more!