Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Snapshot / PDX

Eli and I don't make photographs with any degree of seriousness these days. All the work of ECHOLILIA really started and ended in a bubble, but the kind of learned communication still exists. It is like he learned how to be in front of my camera and I learned how to bring whatever he gives me to life...or at least interpret it.

On a family vacation in Portland and made this image. In person I don't know if Eli would really catch your eye at all. He appears like a messey nine year old wearing a baseball hat like a trillion other kids. But in front of the camera, or my camera...he is just striking. Long hair catches the light and thick lips and curious eyes and it's really like...breathtaking. Or maybe it just is to his Dad? I dunno. The project may be over but images of him will always surface and always be stirring.

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