Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Social Network / Thursday, July 21st at Dogpatch

Heather Elder, Miki Johnson and I are featured in Thursday's APA event unfortunately titled "Social Getworking". The name implies that this blogging, Facebooking, Twittering thing is not just fun...but is a serious tool used to leverage your business, stand out in the market place and somehow "get working"? Is it or is it not? is different things for different people and that is really what I'm trying to figure out how to express as I'm preparing for my part of the talk.

Friday afternoon I posted a call out to FB essentially wondering what people were interested in hearing about. Generating buzz, creating an identity, getting followers, finding topics, separting personal stuff from business stuff...all of these thoughts came to the surface and all of these things made me realize just how I am so not the one to handle this lecture....I really have the answers to none of these things. But I better make something up quick. has helped me answer a few things by pushing me. Like the obvious question...what is your blog about? For me it is about the mix of things that make up my life: the creative path, parenthood, commercial photography, and the work of other great photographers I discover.

Why do people tune in? They most likely like the other photographers I celebrate and they are on a creative path themselves.

What price do they pay? Oh...well they have to endure me promoting my commercial work and art work and my various forms of self celebration.

What is the end goal? Build a community, get hired more, and share my creative path.

Is it working? I think so.

But more work to be done so I do not blow it at this event. More to come, I'll share it all well as these two shots of my kids. Cuz with this social networking world, I'm nothing notable without those kids.

Buy tickets / more info on the event HERE.


darrell Eager said...

Isn't it odd that something like this and about this is held as a town meeting or in a cave. One would think this would be live streaming or at the very least happen on line. Talking about taking two steps back. I know it's not you I'm just saying the message should match the medium. Good Luck TA

Timothy Archibald said...

Oh no....I hear you but this is better. It allows everyone to see behind the curtain, like in the Wizard of Oz. They can see that I'm just a big nerd and not a jet setting ad shooter and not the father of the year that my blog defines me as. Well I am all of those things, but a big nerd too, and its much more human in person.

colin pantall said...

I love the idea that the blog is a medium of self-celebration.

Yay, we should have a Celebrate Tim Day!

The interesting thing about the facebook callout is that you got so few suggestions on what to talk about. Which suggests your usual charming and uplifting take on things will do a beautiful job and be exactly what everyone wants to hear!

Timothy Archibald said...

Every day is that day on the blog and fb....and everyone's blog and fb page...and that is the tricky part. You can't celebrate every day or it doesn't seem special anymore.