Thursday, July 7, 2011

Daniel Lee / Tablo

Daniel Lee was an honest and true sweetheart of a human being on this shoot we put together back in early June. He showed up with a did we: Art director Amy Shroads, writer Joshua Davis, makeup artist Veronica Sjoen, and The Sz.
A great day of image making, made all the better by this inspired spread.
Read the story The Persecution Of Daniel Lee HERE.


ward harkavy said...

Jesus, Tim! Your blog is filled with such cool images. You know I've always loved your eye. And working with you all those years ago was nothing but collaborative vibes.

Timothy Archibald said...

Thanks Ward...happy belated birthday to ya too. I like to give the impression that I have lots of fun stuff going on with photography, whether its stuff I'm doing or stuff I'm thinking about. It's prolly 70% accurate....!

proxy said...

thanks for posting my friend
Your blog is filled with such cool images