Friday, June 17, 2011

So Many Things

So many things in the works right now that all will blossom in the fall. I'm wrapping them up now so piece by piece I'll share 'em here. Some of them on such a grand scale they kinda scare even me.

ECHOLILIA as a multi media presentation with imagery and audio introduction to the work by Eli Archibald and myself is in the works now for the Inaugural Show at Space Gallery in Denver. Curated by Sarah LaVigne and Julia Vandenoever, with works by us, Annie Marie Musselman, Michael Lewis, Sara Forest, Paolo Marchesi and Noelle Swan Gilbert. I think its really gonna be a blowout party to the likes of which we have never seen evening of art and culture.

More stuff coming, please stay tuned. Learn more about Picture Society HERE.

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