Monday, June 27, 2011

Communication Arts Photography Annual 2011

Just got this copy of CA Photo Annual in the mail yesterday, so I wanted to bust it out here. Is anyone sick of hearing about ECHOLILIA? Ha, I might be. But I am so thankful for the attention and the doors it continues to open.

But what about the subject? Is this attention good for him? Does he love it? Hate it? Is he bored with it? I don't know. For the most part, he doesn't really know about any of it. Things come into the house regarding the project and he doesn't really take note of it at all. Forthcoming are speaking engagements that we are trying to wrestle with...would this be fun for him again? A learning experience? Or is it just like....a show, for all the wrong reasons? No answers now, but just food for thought as things evolve on this project.

None the less, the CA Annual was real interesting. Shout-outs to work by Christopher Capozziello, Montalbetti + Campbell, Chris Crisman, Erik Almas and Gregg Segal, all represented by great work that seems to have snuck in the contest thru the back door and subverted from within the expected norms.

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