Thursday, June 2, 2011

Father's Day Is Coming

Editions of the second printing of ECHOLILIA / Sometimes I wonder are still available and can be shipped in time for Father's Day. This book has been celebrated in The New York Times, Time Magazine, Discover Magazine, CNN, Zeit Magazine in Germany, Photo + in Korea, Communication Arts, American Photography, Photo District News Photo Annual and blogs all over the effing world!

What do the critics say?
It’s free of any sense of frustration and reverberates with love, acceptance and humor.
-Anastasia Cazabon / Fototazo

Echolilia is one of the most intriguing and revealing photography books on children. It goes beyond the lyrical and the physical to examine how his son Elijah, and children as a whole, think, see and behave.
-Colin Pantall

As an artist, Archibald easily slips into that half-world of alternate reality --the space between the echos-- appreciating and documenting. I've always felt autism's gift was the redefinition of language, and I've never seen if so beautifully expressed than here.
-Shanna Philpson

There is a very faint sentimentality in the photographs and a sense of eccentricty that result in an unusual beauty; you can tell that these are dear subjects to him, without feeling as if he is imposing his affection on the audience. The emphasis of form and shape and the anthropmorphic quality of the young boy's gestures and activities make for some of the most interesting photographs I have seen in a very long while.
-John Edmonds

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The Adviser said...

I remember you from last year. I remember following you and sending the information for the book to everyone in my email list. Glad you are back for Father's Day. I'll get the book this year. He has become so much more mature in the above photo. He is starting to look like a preteen/young teen.