Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Is Going On?

So what is going on these days?

Spring break hit last week. As my wife and kids headed to the desert I headed to Baltimore/DC to be the visiting artist at MICA, knock on some agency doors with my books and spend lunchtime with Sarah Leen of National Geographic. Every photo editor, every photographer was touched that week by the tragic loss of Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros. It was on everyones minds and hearts...I was consistently surprised by how widespread their work was known and respected. It really colored the week for everyone living in working in the bubble of photography.

Happy to say that ECHOLILIA has been included in CA, American Photography and PDN Annuals this year. I'm reluctant to really shine a light on this: the project has brought so much positive to my life and art that at some point I stop keeping track...and I'm sure people stop wanting to hear about it. But...there ya go, I couldn't help myself, could I?

Above and below are some snapshots from the week last week. Lovely Mary Priestland of Discovery Creative poses in the light filled lobby, while the charming Sarah Leen reflects flourescent light in the room while Oliver Uberti in the design department poses for a photograph. Extra points if you can see a sly inclusion of Echolilia...

That's all for now.


Kate Wilhelm said...

FWIW, I like hearing about Echolilia being recognized. And if you can't do it on your blog, then where can you??

Anonymous said...

tim, did you live on lemsford in palmdale ca.? i had a friend in ca. named the same, he had twin bros. name doug and drew

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