Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kitchen Table

Q: So, what are you trying to say here?

A: Well, nothing. It's just a chance to hear myself give words to the stuff. Sometimes it doesn't seem real until you start to say it, give words to it, and start to look at it all.

Q: Right. That's a start. Then what?

A: Well...I hope...the answers will then bubble to the surface.


Carly Cram said...


jennifer said...

this and the next are very beautiful and duane michaels-y in the best way possible.

Timothy Archibald said...

Oh, I can't believe you guessed it. Totally Duane Michals work is on my mind here with these shots and these empty spaces and the words. There is just this punctuation mark the comes out with the empty photograph ...I just like what that feels like.
Don't want it to become a formula though. That shot of Eli with the camera...that could be a good Psychotherapy Photograph...that could fit in the project as it evolves I think. Good call on that.
Thanks for the insights Jennifer.

jennifer said...

I've always loved his work. have you seen his children's book (upside down, inside out and backwards)? you are making me want to pull it off my shelf immediately! Formulas are a good way to get into a project--you'll edit it down into something else once you have enough images. ANother thing i love about eli on the roots is that it shows how he is evolving and becoming more autonomous--though he is still your subject, he is also a photographer in his own right here.