Thursday, April 21, 2011

MICA / Baltimore, MD

Had a wonderful time with the photography department of MICA in Baltimore and found this image in their offices. Art Department meets the Department Of Motor Vehicles meets a private detective's office.

The teachers at MICA I met: Tom Baird, Nate Larson and Margaret Adams describe their students with such admiration and affection, I'm just kind of taken back. Later in the day I hear the students describe the three of them in similar terms. All of these sentiments prove themselves to be true: these kids, these teachers, can solve the issues of contemporary photography. One topic leads to another topic that leads to a side observation that again leads back to the original concern and a new observation. As we post a snapshot of the class to facebook, Larson jokes that the image will be appear with every student tagged in it. Later that afternoon....every kid's name appears on that shot. Larson has sent a message to these kids that he is on their side, he is with them on this journey and together they are going to discover the wonder of this language. He knows it, the teachers know it...and the kids know it too.

Here are some snaps of our lecture and class from 4/19/11. Enjoy.


chris hartlove said...

You didn't stop by to say hello?

Thomas Broening said...

chris -i tried to get him to holler at u but think he was in and out in a flash. Fun to see the old MICA photo budding and Tom Baird my old teacher

susan McElhinney said...

I studied behind that very door! It explains a few things about me!

Susan McElhinney