Friday, November 19, 2010

Interview with Myself 11/2010

Q: Why did you publish a photo of a kid doing his homework?
A: That's my kid. He's not doing homework, he's signing the book we are selling. We both sign them when we sell them. He signs his name, I sign mine.
Q: I thought you guys already signed a bunch. What up?
A: Oh, we published 20 books, figured we'd sell 7 of them and then have the rest hanging around for Xmas gifts or something. We sold all of them!
Q: How did you do that?
A: We got lucky. Discover Magazine did a beautiful spread and story in their BRAIN issue. Then TIME did an online book excerpt and then the next week NYT's did a story on LENS, written by Jane Gross. News of the book spread out of the photo community and into the mainstream and we started to sell a bunch.
Q: Any memorable moments with all the media?
A: Yah. The most fascinating thing is all the response I've gotten from other parents who really see their own kid in the images Eli and I made. People sent me photographs of their kid, things their kid created, and these shots could have fit directly into my book. It was the same channel, the same manifestations.
Q: Did it make you think about this differently?
A: Yea, for sure. I think that really this ECHOLILIA thing I made photographs of is going on in every home of every family that has a kid like Eli. All I did is operate the camera a little more elegantly than the average parent who has a snapshot camera. I was there to document it, but all these other parents are seeing these things and feeling these things too.
Q: Any low points?
A: One Sunday afternoon CNN was promoting TIME's book excerpt and had turned my photograph " The Tooth Fairy, 2008" into a click here button.
Buy the second edition of ECHOLILIA/Sometimes I wonder HERE.


Patricia Lay-Dorsey said...

I am a grateful owner of a signed copy of Tim and Eli's book and encourage others to buy it too. A really exceptional document with superb photos and insights into a condition often shrouded in mystery. They have managed not only to enter into a conversation between themselves but have invited us readers in as well. Worth every penny!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this self made interview, because of your book I realised I have to "see: my son more like before. I even made a little tribute thanks to you:
So good luck to you two!

colin pantall said...

Congratulations on getting Echolilias seen all over the place! It's amazing what a different audience will do for you - have you got any more exhibitions lined up or is the book the way to go?

Timothy Archibald said...

Hey there Colin-
Thanks for your note. I think alot of things clarified when I stopped hiding from the word "Autism", I must say. I kind of admitted it, used it to introduce the body of work, and I think it made things clear-er. Or, exploited more? It's really for the audience to decide at this point. But I did need to own up to the truth of the work I think, then it seemed people got it more.

We had a show here in San Fran, part of a 3 person group show last month, then the show travels to Union College in Schenectady N.Y. to be part of a group show there...I worked in the darkroom at the school and studied there as well when I was a teenager.
So, its getting around but not the traditional gallery channels. I'm kinda experimenting with where it can go, what I can do with it, and see what comes. Been a long time pushing this one rock up the hill, huh?

Timothy Archibald said...

Julie- thanks so much for sharing those photographs with me and everyone...they are so on the channel, but your son's own channel I'm sure. That shot of his head in a hand is just a wonderful.
Patricia- I'm your biggest fan these days. Discovering your work was such a gift too! Thanks for being so supportive...always great to hear good things from a great artist.

Jennie Z said...

I would not say you and Eli were lucky for the press- it is a touching story beautifully expressed. I would say, however, that the people who got first editions are lucky!

Did the response from other parents make you think about compiling those photos- from other people too?

Cheers to you and Eli, TA.

colin pantall said...

I remember you started with the autism thing and then kind of left it, now have come back to it.

Any case, non-traditional routes are the best ones - the great thing is it has beauty and content that goes beyond the photographic so will speak to a wider audience. Keep on pushing it up that hill!

Timothy Archibald said...

Ya...I'd love to share these photographs people have been sending. Got to get permission first, of course...but to me, they look like something right out of the book!