Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chuck Close Up Close

I was in the library with my kids this weekend and found this book in the children's section: Chuck Close Up Close, by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan. I grabbed it for them, but when I got home I realized it was really for me.
Maybe because its a kid's book, it really distills things down to the basics, but the important basics. How he started making art, the drive to make art, the drive to make art after adversity, and the hunger for the creative process. If this was a book for adults, I think it would devolve into gossip, name dropping, who he was getting it on with, who he partied with, etc. As a kids book, it really is in its pure state.
There is really nothing more I want to say...I don't want to do a review...I just want to share my enthusiam here. I'd recommend any creative out there to grab it and dig in.


Jan Greenberg said...

Hi Timothy,Thank you so much for coming across Chuck Close Up Close and bringing it home.Your words touched me and I wanted to respond. Sandra Jordan and I felt honored to meet Chuck and write this book about him. He was generous with his time, despite getting ready for a major retrospective.It was the first book we wrote together about a single artist and it inspired us to write many more.Jan Greenberg

Timothy Archibald said...

Hi Jan-
Thanks...glad you saw this. I really can't tell you how solidly good I thought this book was. The blog post was just kind of jumbled...I didn't really know how to phrase it all. Sometimes, when things are really done so well, you just know it is great, and can't really say why. Your book is that.
Looking forward to discovering your other books as well.