Monday, October 25, 2010

TIME / Mental Health Series


How do we do assignments that have a sense of discovery?
Is it possible?

Eli and I had the great experience of working on a series of photographs to illustrate TIME magazine's special health supplement "Happy Kids And Mental Health", appearing on newstands this week. Our published story looks wonderful- photo editor Crary Pullen was the midwife who encouraged me to make images to illustrate the story that tapped into the original impulse behind ECHOLILIA. We had some loose working notes, a few things to hang on to, a few solid concepts, but it was the tone that was the key. The results were new and refreshing, and the process utterly reversed. The issue is out but I don't have my hands on it yet...more when I do. For now I thought I'd share some out takes from the shoot.
Mood Disorder #3

Bipolar Disorder #5

General Axiety Disorder #1

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Warren said...

What a fantastic opportunity to further your creative relationship. Can't wait to see the finals in print.