Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time Echo Book Excerpt

Mark Rykoff of TIME online put together an insightful ECHOLILIA book excerpt that went live today. Kinda cringed when I saw the headline...but it is what it is but still makes me pause a moment. Just felt very thankful about having this massive media entity throw support behind our simple self published book that was all shot within our house. It just shows what you can kind of do these days with an interesting idea and the technology to share it.
Enjoy it HERE.


Anonymous said...

I loved this. I have a special friend too. His name is Caden, I start being his one on one aide, when he was in Preschool, he was 3yrs old. Caden is now 9 yrs old. It became more then a job, I love him dearly. I became very close to his family, they call us the grandparents now. His own little peculiar repitions have become our sayings here at home too. "Where mine is", being one, and "I don't play with matches, I don't play with matches. The picture with the funnel was my favorite. Caden frequently will get down on the floor and either drink out of the dog's water dish or eat out of their food, and then will stand up and say "YUCK". I have been very fortunate to become part of Caden's life... julie perrott

Timothy Archibald said...

thats a great story...thanks for sharing it julie!

Charly Franklin said...

Very interesting and I like your pictures. My son is also autistic. He's now 10 and was officially diagnosed when he was 3. I knew something was up when he started reading at 18 months but wouldn't talk except to make statements. Back then the doctors said he "had no imaginative play at all". So my wife and I set out to see what we could do, and we've had a lot of success.
I hope it has gone well for you too.
There are some pictures of Alex on my website at
I wish you and your son all the best.
Charly Franklin

Anniston said...

The picture of Eli curled up in a plastic container may be the best image encapsulation of what it's like to be a parent of a child on the spectrum, to be able to see so clearly their essence in all its purity, and to feel alienated from being able to help them achieve their unbounded potential. Terrific work!