Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Echolilia Commission

Bedroom Aftermath, 10/10/10
Sometimes just picking up the phone opens the door.

Bad day on Friday. Worn out from a corporate shoot and wrestling with all sorts of things personal and artistic. I don't think I got enough sleep. We've got the Tidepool Taking Liberties show on the horizon and we got to get to the finish line...Maybe I'm hungry? I dunno...I feel the dread.

A perceptive photo editor calls and throws out the idea that Eli and I make photographs together...with him as the subject...to illustrate a story about children they are working on. At first I hesitate...it sounds like I need to cast a model for talent, maybe have a set built? The p.e. asks me to pause...take a look a previous versions of the issue they've done...and sends me an issue with the work of Elinor Carucci. When I see it it's clear: Eli is the subject, my home is the set.

We bunker down for two days and start the process. Let's hope this works...

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