Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Scientific American July 2010

Kind of a case of wonderful serendipity when photo editor Monica Bradley asked me to work on their upcoming feature on infant cognition last month. Did she know I was on the baby channel this year? Maybe promo cards, non stop blogging and all of this facebook action count for something? Ha...or maybe she is just intuitive in all the right ways.

Above is an out-take of a kid I knew would make a curious photograph the moment I saw him...and then our spread, with prop created by Shannon Amos.


Anonymous said...

hi tim, just discovered your work and love it. i noticed that the baby in the spread above is the same as on your website (in 'new work') but with more of the 'babes in the woods" background. is that a composite you did after you shot the editorial?

also: love love love echolilia!

Timothy Archibald said...

Hi Charley- are correct. We shot a bunch of kids that day in the studio and were just taken by them- all of the expressions and emotions on the kids was just great. We had our editorial wants and needs, but then revisited the images to see if there was another direction we could take these kids to push it in the direction of our personal project "Babes In The Woods", which is just a bit more...atmospheric.

Thanks for the kind words as well.