Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Scouting The Smoking Room

Scouting The Smoking Room for our forthcoming shoot in Sonoma, CA for Duncan Channon.


bird. said...

Sequence of events is as follows...

1: "Should we shoot here, or should we not? Wood, or no wood? Warm or cool shift? Left, or right? Left or right?!? Oh, my neck is getting sore. Wait a minute, I think I'm dancing."

2: "Phew, they have TV! Hey, can I plug my Blue Ray into this thing? I just got this sweet new Diane Arbus documentary in HD."

3. "And this is for when we're finished. Wait a minute-- this bottle is only half full! Somebody, fill this thing. And bring a 6 more. This is a 5 day shoot, peeps."


Timothy Archibald said...

That is really really funny .
Bird, wtf? I am going to guess who you are. You live in SF but your rep is in LA, correct?

bird. said...

It's true. I'm caught in the vacuum space between the two poles of California, and now there's NYC tugging as well. This makes migration a bit more challenging for us, but hey, "it's the journey," right? Plus, the city isn't such a bad place to nest.

We'll run into each other at an APA event one of these days, I'm sure... Just not the Lara Hata one coming up. Seeing all that food... man, I'd be in the back shoveling cheese cubes in my mouth and swilling the red wine. RJ already had to kick me outta Michael Horevaj last week!

Alright, that last part was a lie. But you can imagine, I'm sure.