Sunday, July 5, 2009

He Thought This Would Be Funny

My son wanted me to shoot this, he thought it would be really funny.
He understood that this appeared to demonstrate illegal behavior and felt it best not to have the local lab see it on film.
My wife felt it was a bad idea.
I admitted to my son that is was funny but did encourage behavior we didn't condone.
The arguement that won was his: he felt that if done correctly, the audience would know it was a joke.


Anonymous said...

What is next?

Anonymous said...

This is about pushing buttons for shock value?

Timothy Archibald said...

Well, is essentially a 7 year old boy's idea of what would make a shocking photograph.

And then, when we did it, for whatever reason the light, the polaroid, and the shapes came together and I ended up liking the photograph.

I ended up posting it with the writing that explained it.

Darrell Eager said...

I think this a very cool give and take and I really respect you for acting on your son's creative input.

stu said...

but did he save some for daddy

Rebecca Horne said...

Where are the dancing girls? The beer is pretty obviously not actually being consumed. My cousins in France all grew up drinking bits of wine at family meals and picnics-I guess this photo is only mildly shocking in certain contexts.