Sunday, July 12, 2009

It Just Wouldn't Be Christmas

TA shoots Don Sebastiani and Sons, 2009

Images from the set of the Sebastiani / Duncan Channon Holiday Cheese campaign shot on location in the Sebastiani family home in Sonoma, California. Duncan Channon creatives Dave Knox, Patrick Nistler, John Munyan and Liddy Parlato joined T.A., Shannon Amos, Veronica Sjoen, Victor Wong, Shaun Fenn, Kyle Pugsley and producer Judy Anekal.

Veronica sets up shop in the stairway

Knox and Nistler debate the pros and cons of the "bank lobby xmas tree" vs. the " thomas kinkade xmas tree " as Amos and Puglsey work on.
TA and Amos, green and blue on brown.

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Jeff Singer said...

Hey, you guy's could have shot this at either of my mom's houses... swear to god, she leaves the Christmas trees up year round.