Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I thought this was curious and cool, but maybe you all will be underwhelmed by it:
a photographer friend recently went to NYC to meet with photo editors, show his book, etc. While meeting with a p.e. he noticed my promo card hanging in her cubicle and snapped a shot of it...something to give us faith that all this advertising actually sticks some time....or something like that. He sent me the shot yesterday and I noticed something familiar to the right of my card. It is the photograph of the young girl kissing Howdy Doody taken from Re-Visions by Marcia Resnick, the "Best Photo Book of 1978" I wrote about last week.
Serendipity? Good luck? Similar tastes? I dunno but I like it.

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Charles Klein said...

Coincidence? - Bah!!! Who believes in coincidence nowadays?