Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ranch Thatchmo: One Year Old and Dying

Thatcher Keats started Rancho Thatchmo a year ago, published a photograph everyday, and has closed shop. The experiment is over, but it certainly was addictive...I tuned in every day.

Who is TK? Looks like he is a Dad and it looks like he savors his role in life. He claims to live in NYC, but all his images depict a childhood on permanent vacation: tall grasses and wild weeds to run thru, natural pools to swim in, oceans to get absorbed in and everything looks like it is illustrating a mythological childhood...the one that exists only in fables.
I don't know TK, we've corresponded cryptically, but I always imagined he had some missing years...the big chunks of time that allowed him to learn the secrets.
Here are some favorites from the first and last year of the Rancho. Enjoy:

all photographs by Thatcher Keats


Dave said...

Now that Rancho is done you can spend your time reading my blog. Be sure to give me some plugs throughout the year. I only have eight regular readers.

Seriously, thanks for the link. I come here for more than just your great photos.

Anonymous said...

what a sensitive blog - you are right about him - and his photographs are amazing, aren't they. i am sure he's replenishing his well, as they say.