Sunday, June 9, 2013

I Want That Storybook Life

This can't be the place.

The GPS tells me we are here, but we look around and it doesn't feel right.

Where is the romance? Where is the quaint? Where are the cottages designed to make you want to run away from the world and hide in, live in...the place to lead your new storybook life?

All we see is a framed out shed made of two by fours, a rain tarp, maybe a trailer hitch...none of these pieces are adding up.

Enter Jay Shafer. Shouting hello over the locked gate, he opens the door and leads us in. Now...if you look here...and only'll have your storybook life. And then some. Don't look to the right or left, and certainly ignore the man behind the curtain.

Of course, I eat it all up. Shafer's backround as an artist has taught him how to build this quality home that delivers the projected strongly that you actually see the size as an asset, not a liability. The contruction feels and is the real thing...and the design is even more.

See more of his inspiring work with Four Lights Houses HERE.

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