Monday, January 28, 2013

Every Photographer Wants To Be Bruce Davidson

Photographer Kurt Jordan bought this vintage 1996 TA photograph from an Ebay seller specializing in mexican cultural artifacts. See my post on this sale HERE.

So curious and wonderful to see the image hanging in his home, below, under a print by Danny Lyon. I had to dig out my print, scan it and post it.

There is a time when every photographer thinks he or she is Bruce Davidson, Danny Lyon, maybe even Robert Frank. ( These days, substitute Cindy Sherman?) For me, this was that time. Eventually I grew out of it and found my own voice. But at the time, 1996, this photograph was a crowd pleaser of sorts: everyone loved it, and I liked it too.

So thankful that Kurt was caring enough to snap a photograph and bring this all full circle. Great experience for me, and I hope he enjoys the print just as much.

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