Monday, November 14, 2011

Real Life Science Fiction

Spent some days last week working on a story for a client in Germany. Details and communication for the subjects were few and far between...they kind of needed me to track down the subjects to an extent and work out the details myself. After shooting the story I felt this one subject had something special in his shop we really had to go see. He had a window for me to visit last nite and this is what I saw.

There is something special about raising my camera phone and pointing it at something otherworldly. Suddenly I'm the astronaut who landed on the moon, realized he forgot his camera, and just takes a snap with what he's got.


Rebecca Horne said...

Like it. Want more of this. What is it?

Will Baird said...

It was nice shooting with you, Timothy!

Thank you for being understanding about the timing of the shoot given we were running a seminar that day.

FYI: that's a lunar lander rocket and a moon rover, Rebecca. We are a Google Lunar X Prize team. Google Team Phoenicia.