Friday, November 18, 2011

British Journal Of Photography / Collaborations

Any story that starts with the line " Timothy Archibald used photography to escape from real life..." and ends with the line " ...or will I be putting Eli into a three-ring circus?" is um, well...very ambitious?

It certainly isn't pulling punches. And that intensity is so appreciated when done intelligently, as it is done here. Written by Colin Pantall in the November 2011 British Journal of Photography.

Great story with new insights on everyones work it seems. The story focuses projects by Tony Fouhse, Chris Cappozziello, Arlene Gottfried, Klaus Pichler, Anthony Luvera, T.A. and We Are The Youth.

People suspect that Tony, Colin and I party together all the time. But truth be told we really have never met. Except for that one time...oh, never mind.

Enjoy some spreads from the series below.

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winni said...

Colin Pantall's writing is always so insightful and to the point I highly recommend everybody to peruse his blog. Great to see all this amazing work in one story. Every time I browse the newsstands in Europe I'm impressed by the quality of work you can find in all kinds of publications. I wish somebody would pull that off here in the States. You should definitely party with those guys, just let us know when and where that goes down. Looking forward to see what's brewing up next in the T.A. world.