Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last Spam Of Summer

This is our email campaign being released this morning.

I never really thought much about snapshots...for me they never really transcended, but this one was that, and this one everyone seems to respond to. I like it too.

One day Shannon Amos was over and we were looking at a photographer's sappy photographs of their kids: cute and coy images, kids with food on their faces, kids looking perfect, and then this mushy sentimentality coming from the photographer in their written words. Total Hallmark greeting card stuff. I turned to Shannon and said  "These parents should never be publishing this stuff on the Internet. They need to keep these sentiments to themselves."

She pointed out that I do the same thing, time and time again, just packaged in a different way.

I really couldn't argue. I just kind of embraced it, and here is just another example.

See The Last Day Of Summer HERE.


winky lewis said...

oh, man, am so guilty too! just found your blog and am loving it, as i love your work. will try not to comment too much!

proxy free said...

thanks for posting my friend