Thursday, August 11, 2011

Everywhere Art

Here I am, sitting in the dark on the rooftop of the Los Angeles Athletic Club. The LAAC is a curious hotel located right in the heart of the Jewelery District, the post apocalyptic zone of downtown Los Angeles. The buildings around me are quiet and empty, the zombies come out at night, the police walk the streets and people randomly stand at bus stops in the dark, waiting for buses that never will really arrive. When the sun rises it once again is beautiful in an old world way. I can walk to our location in the early morning light.

We ran into some space issues during the shoot and I couldn't resist snapping this photograph of the room we were stashing our gear in, dominated by the striking and beautiful photograph Spaghetti Suitcase, 2010 by Rebecca Horne holding court in the messy room.


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