Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nicole Daedone / One Taste SF

Nicole Daedone / One Taste SF
mFebruary ended quickly....just 28 days....and I almost forgot to run this portrait of Nicole Daedone shot for 7 x 7's Love and Sex Issue. Sz, make up stylist Meaganne McCandess and I spent the day at the One Taste compound and with their generous co-operation, worked with them on creating this image.

7x7 2/2011


Carlton Mackey said...

Interesting connection. I stumbled on the work of Nicole Daedone today after reading about the work of Donna Ferrato...recently featured on the NYT Lens Blog. After learning about your work (Echo), I'm now a huge fan of the Lens blog. When I went to Donna's site I saw that she was working with Nicole.

Great shot.

Timothy Archibald said...

Hi there Carlton-
Wow...I didn't know Donna Ferrato had crossed pathes with Daedone...that is really interesting. Ferrato is a living legend...I'm with you there.