Monday, March 28, 2011

Max Gerber Street Theatre

It looks like a Banksy grafitti piece in imaginary portal into another space, a bright shiny window and maybe its broken? Max Gerber sets these up with paper and tape and a step stool and creates his studio. The tape rips the surface of the wall a bit and that becomes part of the composition.....just let it be. Max met me in LA in the midst of a bried visit and we found time to do this. He did it, I watched, and then I was his subject. He created the best portrait I've even seen of myself: 43, kinda confident, kinda insecure...its all there in the photograph and so easy to accept. And then, when the portrait is done, the window is left there. Now it's either trash...or something inspiring for other's to do with it what they want. Peace. T.A. by Max Gerber, 3/2011


Carly Cram said...

I wonder what types of questions he asked you while photographing you. He captured a fine portrait of you.

Timothy Archibald said...

Hi Carly-
He did make a great portrait there. But I didn't see it coming...being photographed by Max has all the intensity of watching your plumber work on your sink: no climactic moments, no revelations, the guy just kind of operates his camera and seems to fumble with it as you patiently wait for him to finish. Then...the proof is in the final shot. There is a revelation but you didn't feel it happening!

Anonymous said...

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